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Bethenny Frankel’s Heartbreaking Confession About Dennis Shields’ Death

Bethenny Frankel’s Heartbreaking Confession About Dennis Shields’ Death

Weeks after on-again, off-again boyfriend Dennis Shields’ sudden death, “The Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenny Frankel is still having a difficult time coping with the loss.

On Sunday, Bethenny tweeted, "It’s hard to breathe & I appreciate you giving me the space & support to try to do so. It’s excruciating-sudden death is no closure & constant [questions] & memories.”

“Our relationship is current so it’s painfully raw,” she added. “Trying to stay healthy & move through it w tears & close friends.”

Bethenny recently paid her final respects to Dennis at his funeral in Long Island, where she was photographed tearing up and leaning on a friend’s shoulder.

According to TMZ, Shields was able to share some crucial information with EMTs who were trying to save his life. When asked what prescription drugs he ingested, Shields named oxycodone, Vicodin, and a sleeping pill.

According to doctors, the drug combination can result in death, due to synergistic effects.

Before EMTs and police arrived on the scene, his assistant had reportedly administered two doses of Narcan. Law enforcement sources pointed out Shields was given another dose of Narcan, but it was too late.