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Old 911 Call Reveals Police Suspected Drug Use at Bobbi Kristina's House

A police dispatch recording from 2013 suggests authorities believed there was drug use taking place at Bobbi Kristina Brown’s home, according to RadarOnline.com.

Old 911 Call Reveals Police Suspected Drug Use at Bobbi Kristina's House
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During the call, obtained by Radar, an Alpharetta, GA officer tells a 911 operator that he received a noise complaint from Bobbi Kristina’s neighbors.

The officer recognizes the address, stating, “It’s Bobbi Kristina’s apartment,” adding that he couldn’t respond because he was cleaning his guns.

The dispatcher asks, “It’s loud music coming from her unit?”

The officer responds, “It’s like partying. They’re probably over there smoking dope. So I’d probably send two people over there because they’re always high.”

Radar has also obtained a 911 call placed by a neighbor, who lived below Bobbi Kristina in 2012. She told police, “This has been going on for like four hours. Everything you can think of… they’ve been fighting, banging, screaming. We just heard one of the girls scream and this huge like thud came.”

She continued, “The dogs have been barking, they’ve been running around, things are dropping on the floor. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to call.”

This could be the same neighbor that Bobbi Kristina complained about in June 2013, after moving out of an Alpharetta apartment.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly sent a letter to a couple in her complex, calling them “s**t at the bottom [of] our shoe.”