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Denise Richards Says It Was 'Surreal' Flying Back from Spain Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Denise Richards Says It Was 'Surreal' Flying Back from Spain Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Actress Denise Richards just returned from Spain and she told “Extra’s” Billy Bush via FaceTime the experience was “surreal.”

The star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” joined by her husband Aaron Phypers, explained she was there to shoot “Glow and Darkness” with Jane Seymour when the production was shut down due to concerns about the coronavirus.

“I got out a day in time,” she said, adding, “It took me two days to get home. I went through London and, landing in LAX, I will say they were screening. It took some time to get out. They took my temperature once they heard where I was and the CDC was there. They definitely are screening people, I will assure people of that.”

Her co-star Seymour is 69, and at high risk for COVID-19 because of her age. Richards said, “She is doing good… She actually left a few days early because she was concerned for her heath. Production was accommodating to her, which was amazing. They kept us all safe, and once we knew we had to stop filming, they got us out safely.”

Denise went on, “It was very surreal to be on the flight. I was on British Airways and they found out the U.K. was also involved in the ban as well.” She was left wondering, “What are flight crews doing once they land?”

So what is she doing at home as everyone tries to isolate themselves? “I think the main thing is keeping the kids calm. That’s the hardest thing with everything in the media and schools closed… The kids are happy to not be in school. It’s also caused a lot of anxiety.”

Denise is the mom of three girls, and she said, “I tell them this will pass. It will. We all just can’t panic. It’s something that the entire world is going through… This is something none of us have experienced before.”

For now she is hunkered down: “Being home and cooking and baking… The silver lining is the reconnecting with everyone… All the things we used to do in the olden days when we were kids.”