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Sofía Vergara on Judging 'AGT,' Plus: Son Manolo's High-End Doggie Fashion Line

Sofía Vergara on Judging 'AGT,' Plus: Son Manolo's High-End Doggie Fashion Line
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Only "Extra" was with Sofía Vergara in Las Vegas right after her last day of shooting on "Modern Day," and after it was announced she would be a judge on "America's Got Talent"!

The glamorous actress was speaking about "AGT" for the first time.

Asked how she feels about the new gig, she said, "Super excited! Something completely different than I thought I was going to do after 'Modern Family.' I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something different after 10 years of such a fantastic TV show. I didn't think I was going to get something like that, but I think it's better to mix it up for a while."

Gearing up to start the new season soon, she said, "I think I am going to have a lot of fun. I’ve been watching the show for a long time, and it looks like the judges have so much fun — like the contestants."

Is she worried about going head to head with Simon Cowell? Manolo smiled, saying, "I'm worried for Simon."

Sofía said of Simon, "He's super nice," adding, "I am very excited I am the first Latina... on the show — that’s very exciting."

Vergara was in town with her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, celebrating his dog apparel line Canini by Baguette being available at the NoMad Las Vegas.

Of her son's new venture, Vergara said, "It's amazing! I am super proud of him. It's great. He loves dogs… I love that he has the entrepreneur blood like me."

Asked if they were always dog lovers, she said, "He doesn't remember, but yes."

Manolo said, "I never had a dog growing up," but Mom pointed out, "I was a single mother — I couldn’t have a son and a dog."

Manolo's dog Baguette has been the inspiration behind his new business, but it was Sofía whose doting on the dog led to the specific business idea. Giving credit to his mom, Manolo said, "She was the inspiration for a lot of it. She would send out Baguette's dresses that were off the rack to get tailored 'cause they didn't fit right, so that's where it came about."