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Shannen Doherty Opens Up About Cancer Battle: ‘Time Is Precious’

Shannen Doherty Opens Up About Cancer Battle: ‘Time Is Precious’

Shannen Doherty is opening up about her cancer battle, and what it was like reuniting with the cast of “Beverly Hills, 90210.”

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Shannen, who was joined by co-stars Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green, to talk about the “BH90210” reboot.

Doherty shared how the cast has changed over the years, saying, “We have matured. We have evolved. We have faced challenges and ups and downs.”

Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and announced she was in remission in 2017. She told Renee, “I’m feeling really good right now,” adding that her illness changed her perspective on life. “I learned so much about myself. I learned so much about the world and the people in it. You learn to be soft, and you still learn to cut through the B.S. and get straight to the point because you’re thinking for the rest of your life time is precious, time is short and you don’t want to waste it, and I think that’s something that is really beautiful. You really learn to appreciate the moments that need to be appreciated.”

Doherty originally turned down being a part of the reboot, but changed her mind after the untimely death of co-star Luke Perry. “My first reaction was, 'Good for them,' not like I was going to be there.”

She is happy to be back with her co-stars now, saying, “Yes, in multiple ways it felt like no time had passed.”

Ian chimed in to sing her praises, saying, “You’ve come back with an understated elegance that I think walking through that fire brings to a person. There is a tremendous grace that you have.”