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Shay Mitchell on Going Public with Her Pregnancy, Plus: The Cast of 'Dollface' Opens Up!

Shay Mitchell on Going Public with Her Pregnancy, Plus: The Cast of 'Dollface' Opens Up!

Shay Mitchell has a lot to celebrate! The actress is not only expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Matte Babel, she also has a new show, the Hulu Original series "Dollface."

She sat down this weekend with her castmates Brenda Song and Kat Dennings to talk about the show and about the upcoming addition to her family with "Extra."

The 32-year-old opened up about her pregnancy and her decision to be so transparent after previously suffering a miscarriage. Documenting her journey on YouTube with a series called "Almost Ready," Shay told us the feedback she has received about her journey has been "amazing."

"There are so many things that I had no idea about going into this journey," she said. "And I wanted to share it because I think it’s important. There are a lot of things that I want women to know where women who've been through it also feel less alone throughout the whole process." Referencing Matte, she said, "Also, we are having a lot of fun going through this journey, so I think it’s important for both of us."

When it comes to babysitting, she joked, "Knock on wood, but if we get picked up for next season, who do you think is babysitting?" You're on notice, Brenda and Kat!

Kat said "Dollface" opens with her character Jules getting dumped after a five-year relationship. "In the relationship, she lost touch with her best friends and herself, so the series turns to her reclaiming her old life."

Shay discussing her character Stella, saying, "So my character is more of an open-minded free spirit, and she kind of gets it. She’s like, 'Welcome back, no hard feelings.'"

Brenda's character Madison overanalyzes everything. "Like, she predicted Jules coming back into their life the minute she broke up," she said.

As for who is most like their character, they all looked at Shay! "Yeah, everyone is going to look back at this and go, 'Wow! But it’s real.'"

"Dollface" is on Hulu in November.