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Chris Pratt Reveals How He Met Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt Reveals How He Met Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

Actor Chris Pratt was at Universal Studios Hollywood last night to celebrate Jurassic World — The Ride!

Pratt attended solo, telling “Extra’s” Tanika Ray that wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and his son Jack were working on a project at home.

“Katherine is at home right now, and she and Jack are tie-dying shirts,” he added, “Maybe they will make me one. I hope so.”

Chris and Katherine just tied the knot in June, and he set the record straight on how they met.

Pratt explained, “We met at church!” The star added, “There's a lot of kismet… a lot of connections, but that is where we met.”

Chris met up with “Jurassic World” co-star Bryce Dallas Howard at the launch of the new ride. Pratt had already tried it out, warning Tanika, “Yeah, you're going to get wet.”

Pratt said he loves rides. "From the moment I was tall enough to ride the rides, I've been riding the rides," he said. "Now, I'm starting to get a little woozy on the rides. I think my age is starting to come into play… I'm like, ‘I've got this… uhhh, no.’ Like, I'm at that age now where I do the ride and I need about 20 minutes.” He joked, “Things are just falling apart.”

Tanika reassured him that he looks good, to which Pratt replied, “Oh, yeah, thank you... it's a lot of smoke and mirrors.”

Jurassic World — The Ride is now open at Universal Studios Hollywood.