At Universal Studios Hollywood

How Rob Lowe Is Related to Engaged Couple Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger

Rob Lowe, who just celebrated his 55th birthday, is looking good and feeling good!

On Tuesday, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Rob at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he gushed about “Parks and Recreation” co-star Chris Pratt, days after their reunion at PaleyFest L.A. Along with approving of Chris’ engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger, he shared, “They are such a beautiful couple…They are the ones that are blessed because they found each other, but I am blessed that I get to watch it.”

Lowe pointed out, “My wife Sheryl is her godmother, so by proxy, I am the godfather.”

Rob has been busy with his “fun” game show “Mental Samurai,” saying, “You’re not just being smart and answering question, you have to withstand physical distress while doing it.”

Rob is also hitting the road later this month for his tour. He said, “I wrote two books so instead of writing a third, I created this one-man show. It’s an evening of a look behind the curtain of a crazy life of 40 years doing this.”

His secret to looking so young? Rob dished, “A lot of the good choices that I made I am starting to see the results of it. When I became the spokesman of Atkins, it’s cause I’ve been doing that stuff — no carbs, no bread, lots of protein — I have been doing it years and years before we ever partnered up, and you start to see the results of that now. And, of course, you have to thank genetics, and my father who is a freak of nature.”

Lowe revealed that he hasn’t had “proper bread” in a long time, adding, “It’s been years… I will break down and have pizza, I’m not a lunatic, but you can’t have that be a part of your everyday.”

What can’t he give up? Caffeine. He admitted, “I’m good for probably 12 shots of espresso a day.”