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Shawn Johnson Update on Pregnancy Complications: 'Huge Weight Lifted Off'

Shawn Johnson Update on Pregnancy Complications: 'Huge Weight Lifted Off'
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Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson East and her NFL-player husband Andrew East have given fans a heartfelt update on her pregnancy complications, saying that fears their unborn child could have "a genetic anomaly" have been put to rest.

People magazine reports that the couple posted a vlog in which Shawn confirmed genetic testing shows their baby is healthy after a scare during their 20-week ultrasound.

At 20 weeks, their baby's kidneys were underdeveloped (which is common), but their baby also had a two-vessel umbilical cord rather than three, which leads to a risk of stillbirth and early labor. Taken together, the complications could have meant the child would be born with Down syndrome, leading to a nerve-racking two-week wait for the results.

In the end, their wait was cut short — and results were made available in six days.

“Congratulations, your genetic testing came back negative. Yay!” Johnson recalled of her doctor's email. She reported she read it over and over for 45 minutes before going upstairs and breaking the good news to Andrew and her dad, who happened to be in the house.

The moment Shawn told them was captured on video as well, with her dad bear-hugging the elated couple, both 27.

Shawn explained she almost felt guilty praying her baby would have no complications, saying, "I think we were celebrating because there was so much fear... Not that we wouldn’t have been excited had they had complications to have a baby, but it definitely changes things."

Still, she said, "Getting those results was a huge weight lifted off of our hearts."

The Easts became engaged in 2015 and have been married since 2017, when they exchanged "I dos" on a private farm in Franklin, Tennessee. They suffered a miscarriage in 2017.