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Major Hint? What Kim Kardashian May Have Just Revealed About Baby #4’s Name

Major Hint? What Kim Kardashian May Have Just Revealed About Baby #4’s Name

Last week, reality star Kim Kardashian announced that her fourth child with Kanye West “is here.”

While the 38-year-old noted that he “is the most calm and chill” of her children, she hasn’t revealed his name... or did she?

Over the weekend, Kardashian shared photos from her CBD-themed baby shower, which has fans speculating on her son’s name. On Twitter, she included a teddy bear emoji, which had many fans guessing that her son’s name was Bear, Cub, or Teddy.

One Twitter user said, “Bear or Teddy West, calling it.”

Another tweeted, “@KimKardashian they definitely named him bear... 1) the bear emoji 2) Chicago Bears.”

To fuel more rumors, Kim’s friend Nicole Williams also used the same emoji in response to the post.

Could Kim and Kanye’s son be named after his hometown teams, the Chicago Cubs or Chicago Bears? They did name their third child Chicago! Last year, she told Ellen DeGeneres, “[Chicago] is a place that made [Kanye] and a place that he remembers his family from. He really wanted his mother's name [Donda] and I love that name, too. I just wasn't sure if it's so much to live up to."

A source recently told People magazine, “They have had a name in mind, but wanted to meet the baby before they decided.”

Last month, Kardashian made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” revealing which name she’s seriously considering for her baby boy.

She said, “I was truthfully thinking about naming him Rob, after my brother Rob. But then it’s like North, Saint, Chicago, Rob. It doesn’t really go, but that’s the one name I was really feeling and my brother approved it.”

Along with “Googling Armenian boys’ names,” Kim noted that she also asks her family to “weigh in” on possible baby names. She added, “I definitely take a family survey, but it’s usually after the baby is born. We’re trying to figure out what the baby looks like. I usually go about three or four days nameless until I feel like it really connects with the baby.”

In 2015, Ellen DeGeneres suggested Easton as a possible boy’s name. Kim said, “I like Easton, Easton West. I don't think my husband likes that name, but I do like it." At the time, Kim was expecting their second child Saint.

We can’t wait for the official announcement and the first baby pic!

In February, Kim revealed her parenting secret to "Extra's" Renee Bargh. Stressing the importance of sleep, she shared, "I do sleep, that's my thing. When I'm putting the kids to bed, half the time I fall asleep with them. I get up an hour later and then go downstairs. I make it my mission to be really focused. I go to bed really early.”

Kardashian continued, “I wake up at 5:45 every day, work out, get the kids ready for school, school drop off, come home, work all day — same routine over again.”

In January, she confirmed that they were expecting another baby after months of speculation.