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‘GMA Day’ Co-Host Sara Haines Announces Pregnancy: ‘I’m Making a Human!’

‘GMA Day’ Co-Host Sara Haines Announces Pregnancy: ‘I’m Making a Human!’
ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Sara Haines made a big announcement on “GMA Day” Thursday… she’s pregnant!

Haines, who already has two children with lawyer husband Max Shifrin, told the audience, “I’m making a human!” She joked that the studio audience might have already noticed, “We’re poppin’!”

Her co-host Michael Strahan congratulated Sara as he showed off her ultrasound pics and presented her with flowers. He pointed out, “If it’s a boy, Michael would be a fantastic name.”

Haines said, “We are extremely grateful… we live in a world where infertility is an issue. People have problems having babies. I’m older, we started later, I’m 41… so I think we feel extra blessed that we were able to do this.”

The pregnancy comes with “a roller coaster of emotions,” as Sara revealed that as someone who deals with anxiety, “kids are the Super Bowl of anxiety.”

Sara and Max, who wed in 2014, will have their hands full with Alec, 2, Sandra, 1 and the new baby. “We just learned one-on-one defense, and we will now be moving to a zone, for those of you who speak basketball.”

Haines said she had no plans of getting pregnant after landing her dream job on “GMA Day,” but “the universe had bigger plans for us.”