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Danielle Savre Gets Seriously Sexy for Millennium

Danielle Savre Gets Seriously Sexy for Millennium
Laura Morsman/Millennium

"Station 19" star Danielle Savre upped the glam factor with her wow-inducing cover for Millennium, posing in the Mojave Desert for Laura Morsman and speaking with the magazine about her red-hot career (the lean years through her residency in Shondaland) and her dedication to the good work of Care.org.

Laura Morsman/Millennium
Red-hot cover girl!

Of her early years, Savre recalls in the issue, “I was this energetic and sassy child that loved to play dress up, loved to live life and absolutely loved TV and movies." That enthusiasm caught the eye of her BFF's mother, who was an agent's assistant. She encouraged Danielle's mom to let her daughter audition for roles, and that led to her debut — in a Mattel commercial at age 7!

Laura Morsman/Millennium
"On weekends, just getting outside and taking in nature makes me happy."

It was a fortuitous connection, because Savre now says, "Truth be told, being on set has been the only place I feel most comfortable and able to be myself... My mom saw how happy being on set made me. She sacrificed so much and gave up so much for me to make it to every audition, to have the essentials I needed to learn as much as I could and brought me back down to earth if things ever got to my head."

For anyone who thinks acting in a hit series is all glitz and glamour and that the success comes easy, Savre cautions, "The slower years were tough, but made me fight even harder and appreciate every win even more. Of course, every single job feels like it will be my last. I don’t think that feeling will ever go away."

Laura Morsman/Millennium
Not-so-basic black!

Now that "Station 19," a Shonda Rhimes production, has been picked up for Season 2, it's a time to celebrate. “I was so excited when we got the news!" Savre exclaims. "Shondaland encourages the people she hires to speak up and stand for something. The world she has built perpetuates gratitude and empowerment. She believes in the people she hires and you feel that."

Laura Morsman/Millennium
"I almost only use Instagram. I am a visual person and I am inspired by visuals."

Savre plays a fire fighter on the show, and her shots for the magazine are four-alarm hot! Exuding confidence in the portfolio, she is nonetheless quick to admit being in the public eye can be a double-edged sword, noting, “It’s a profession that makes you feel as if you will never be pretty enough, young enough, talented enough, just… never enough." Her advice to those who feel that way, even if they're not actors? “You have to learn to love yourself and embrace that you are where you are supposed to be exactly at this moment and stop dwelling on the 'what ifs.'"

One of Savre's passions is Care.org, which focuses on social justice for women and girls around the world. “The time is now to exercise your voice," she urges women. "People are finally listening. Speak up, discover your passion, and embrace it, be open-minded and enjoy the journey. For young actors just remember through it all to keep your head up, believe in yourself and never give up.

Cover Option 2
Laura Morsman/Millennium
"Be kind to each other."

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