Christian Bale Jokes He Could Play Santa Thanks to Latest On-Screen Transformation

Christian Bale Jokes He Could Play Santa Thanks to Latest On-Screen Transformation

Christian Bale is unrecognizable! The actor is no stranger to on-screen transformations, getting ripped for the “Batman” trilogy, emaciated for “The Machinist,” and paunchy for “American Hustle.” Now, he has done it again, taking on a whole new look, playing former vice president Dick Cheney in “Backseat.”

While promoting his new movie “Hostiles,” Bale opened up about preparing to play Cheney, telling “Extra’s” Renee Bargh that thanks to his newfound girth, “I can play Santa.” Renee commented that the actor looked shredded the last time she saw him. Bale admitted he is “eating everything.” He laughed, admitting, “I'm looking at the carpet and it looks exciting.” He went on to joke, “This is just what I do for fun. I like putting on 40 pounds, shaving my head and bleaching my eyebrows — it's good for laughs. I recommend it to anyone.”

Christian revealed, “This is a blank canvas for them to create Dick Cheney.” The star said it has all been worth it, calling the experience, “Fantastic.”

Renee caught up with Bale and director Scott Cooper at a screening of “Hostiles” in L.A. Bale said, “I'm just dying to get people to see this film because I have been doing films for 30 years and this is one of the proudest moments I’ve ever had, working with this geezer here, absolutely one of the best. Every actor should want to work with him.”

The western is set in the 1890s and tells the story of an army captain reluctantly helping a Cheyenne chief and his family. Bale explained, “It’s a great, gripping story. It’s something that just obsessed us, and then things that have been evolving in America, around the world, refugee crisis, politics, soldiers’ experiences… the great divisions that have been happening, hatred… It’s fascinating to see how it has become relevant.”

Cooper added, “There has always been a racial and cultural divide in America, but it has never been as wide as it is right now — it's growing wider by the day, and [I hope] this film can in any way spark the conversation about the need for reconciliation, understanding the ways of others, healing, and, most important, enlightenment.”

Bale even learned to speak Cheyenne for the role. “Yes, well, we said, 'We have to do it. We must have scenes in Cheyenne.' Block, my character would have known Cheyenne. It’s not just a reality, but it's also respectful.”

“Hostiles” opens in theaters December 22.