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Stars with Homes in Hurricane Irma’s Path

Stars with Homes in Hurricane Irma’s Path

Oprah, Johnny Depp and Richard Branson all have massive mansions in Hurricane Irma’s path!

Celebrities are preparing for the worst as the Category 5 monster wreaks havoc in the Caribbean Islands and threatens Florida.

Oprah owns a home in Antigua, while Depp has an estate and private beach in the Bahamas. Meanwhile, Branson and his team are hunkering down at his Necker Island estate in the British Virgin Islands, and the mogul says they will take to the concrete wine cellar if necessary.

President Donald Trump risks losing multiple estates. The storm already passed through St. Martin, where he owns an 11-bedroom compound. The condition of that property is still unknown. His southern White House, Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, could still be in harm’s way.

Robert De Niro, who co-owns Paradise Found Nobu Resort in Barbuda, released a statement to “Extra” after the island was hit by Irma.

“We are beyond saddened to learn of the devastation in Barbuda caused from Hurricane Irma and look forward to working with the Paradise Found Nobu Resort team, the Barbuda Council, GOAB and the entire Barbuda community to successfully rebuild what nature has taken away from us,” he said.

Track the storm’s path here, and donate to relief efforts here.