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Tough Shannen Doherty Works Out Even After Chemo!

Tough Shannen Doherty Works Out Even After Chemo!

Actress Shannen Doherty isn’t letting cancer get the best of her.

On Thursday, Doherty posted a video of herself heading to the gym after a chemotherapy session. She captioned it, "After chemo day. I believe that just moving helps so much in the healing process. It's not always easy and sometimes I can't do it the next day but I try to make an effort to get the blood flowing and the toxins out of my body thru working out.” Watch!

"Some days are easy workouts and other days I push it but the key is to MOVE!!!” she added.

A few hours later, she posted a video of herself in a dance workout. She admitted, "Yes I was tired, yes I wanted to be in bed but I went and moved and felt way better. Any exercise during illness is good. We can do it!!!” Watch the video here!

Doherty has been battling breast cancer since her diagnosis in February last year. She has been open about her fight, even posting pics on Instagram.