Charlize Theron Opens Up About ‘Mad Max,' BF Sean Penn, and More Kids

Charlize Theron joined “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson to chat about her role in the upcoming futuristic film, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” and also opened up about life with 3-year-old son Jackson and boyfriend Sean Penn, revealing she is open to more children. 

charlize-theron[Credit: Getty Images]

“I mean, I’m so open to anything in my life,” said the Oscar winner. “I was never like, ‘Oh god just one,’ I was always kind of open to whatever kind of happens.”

The acting lovebirds are working together on the film “The Last Face,” which Sean will direct. Charlize says the two have wanted to work together for a long time. “The story of ‘The Last Face’ is really, at its core, just a beautiful love story, so to do that with somebody you’re in love with, there’s something really powerful in that.” She continued, “It could also make it very, very difficult yeah, but that’s good, that’s not a bad thing, because it makes you really explore all of it, you know.”
As for her work in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Charlize said, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in twenty years, I think it was the technical aspect of it, how long the shoot was. It was a harsh environment to be in for that long.” She added, “You can sustain anything for like three or four months, which is what a normal shoot is, in this case, with all the prep work and rehearsal, it felt like a year of my life was really dedicated to this.”
The 39-year-old beauty also shaved her head for the role, saying she came up with the idea. “We had a real struggle because she had to meld into that world, underground mechanic world, with those guys."
Charlize revealed her son didn’t even recognize her when he saw her on a billboard. “We were driving the other day... and the billboard was there and I had one of those actor moments where I was like, ‘Hey, that’s your mom up there, by the way.’” She continued, “I was explaining to him that he was there every day when mommy made this movie. ‘Look at us, team go, we made this movie.’ The next day we were driving, somebody was in the car, he went, ‘I made that move,’ it was just an instant jump, I was like, ‘Oh boy!’”
“Mad Max: Fury Road” hits theaters May 15.