Giuliana Rancic Breaks News on Future of ‘Fashion Police,’ Addresses Nasty Headlines

Giuliana Rancic Breaks News on Future of ‘Fashion Police,’ Addresses Nasty Headlines
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TV host Giuliana Rancic joined “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at our H&M Studios in Times Square to reveal whether she’ll return to “Fashion Police” and also addressed the online feeding frenzy surrounding her now infamous take on Zendaya’s hair.
Despite reports earlier this week, Rancic confirmed to “Extra” that she will return to co-host “Fashion Police,” saying “Once it comes back, it’s gonna be a show that I'm proud to be on and that people are proud to watch.”
Giuliana also said producers are not currently looking for talent to fill empty seats recently left by Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne.

“I’ll tell you this and this is the truth, right now they’ve held off looking at people because now we’re on this hiatus, right now all the focus is on the actual show itself and the format of the show, and the segments and tone of the show; once they figure that out, then they’ll figure out the cast.”
She was also quick to defend herself against the mystery tweet Kelly Osbourne posted earlier this week, which said  “liars always get caught.” Many speculated the tweet was about Rancic and her comment about Zendaya’s dreds.
“There's no way that can be about me, because I'm telling the truth,” Rancic confessed.
The truth is that the joke was written by a “Fashion Police” writer for Rancic, and that some of what she said was edited out. “Someone wrote that line, and that's fine and I'm not blaming him, because he truly did write it to be a joke about hippies.”
She revealed that she was sorry it happened. “To have my name in headlines that were insinuating that, you know, there were racial undertones, I mean I was horrified, and it was something that I would never expect in my wildest nightmares to happen to me, and it happened.”
Rancic, 40, also discussed losing her last embryo with the surrogate who carried her son Duke. “It was just really tough, but it’s alright, we always talked about adoption, Bill and I, since before we had issues.”
The couple are still hopeful. “We are definitely open to having another baby and we’re just looking at our options right now.”
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