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Could Bobbi Kristina Awaken from Coma? The Latest on Her Condition

Could Bobbi Kristina Awaken from Coma? The Latest on Her Condition
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•  Feud heats up between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family 
•  Bobby Brown says he won’t let Nick Gordon see Bobbi Kristina because Nick hasn't talked to the police
•  Old 911 calls reveals that police suspected there was drug use at Bobbi Kristina’s house 

In what appears to be some good news regarding Bobbi Kristina Brown’s health crisis, doctors are reportedly taking her out of her medically induced coma.

Although the 21-year-old remains on life support, family sources told People.com that her physicians will wean Bobbi off medication that keeps her in the coma.

The source said, "We're all hoping and praying that this will give us some answers. There will be a sign of hope, and then nothing. Every day, we wonder if this will be the day that we get good news." They added, however, that Bobbi's condition is still "severe."

A family insider also told “Extra” that this is “a normal step, medically.”

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina’s longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon has been furiously tweeting in the last few days, expressing his emotions and making claims about Bobbi’s health. 

A tweet from Gordon yesterday said Bobbi’s “brain function is well organs are well.” 

He also wrote today, “I love @REALbkBrown so much I admit I'm so scared if anything happens to her i don't know what to do.”
The series of tweets also address the police investigation surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s bathtub incident, visiting Bobbi in the hospital, and his beef with Bobby Brown.
As far as authorities are concerned, Nick says he’s already talked to them! “I've talked to the cops no lawyer,” he wrote. “If Roswell Detectives know how to do there [sic] job everything is cool. #don't fabricate.”
In another bombshell tweet, Nick revealed that despite the family banning him from the hospital… he’s been there anyway!
“I've been to the hospital bet you didn't know that with Tyler Perry my baby's lawyer and a couple of AUNTs.”
He also blasted Bobby, calling him a joke… among other things. Read the rest of his rant on Twitter.