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PCD's Carmit on the Challenge of 2020: 'It's Our Metamorphosis'

PCD's Carmit on the Challenge of 2020: 'It's Our Metamorphosis'
Filbert Kung/Retreat

Carmit of the Pussycat Dolls is covering the new Retreat magazine, and opening up about her lockdown, how it is affecting the PCD tour, and a health battle she has had to wage this year.

Filbert Kung/Retreat
"We will make it to the other side," Carmit offers optimistically.

When COVID-19 hit, the Dolls had just embarked upon a world tour. "We were back in that world of going nonstop and flying across the world. I remember that I had said goodbye to my daughter for what was supposed to be three months. Then, instead, I was back home in a week," Carmit told the magazine. "It was a shocker."

Carmit, photographed by Filbert Kung on the WWII-era yacht The Aviator owned by Nico Santucci, has taken lockdown in stride, noting that the challenge of this year "has just been to be present. There is so much fear... It forced us to change the definition of who we thought we were. It is never easy. It is never fun. It's our metamorphosis."

Adding to the year's stressors, Carmit developed tinnitus, a persistent ringing in the ears. She spent a lot of time discovering the root cause, saying that doing whatever it took to lessen the symptoms was a family affair. "I'm so grateful to my family," she said. "I couldn't have done it without their support."

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Filbert Kung/Retreat
Carmit is dreaming of a post-lockdown vacation to Bali!

With the PCD tour on hold until at least sold-out dates in 2021, she's taken time to reassess, saying, "I feel like everybody has something on their plate that they are dealing with — that they need healing from — whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. There is something big that is happening in every single person's life."

Summing up the best approach to what has been a terrible year for us all, Carmit offered, "We all just need a little more compassion for one another."

Read the whole story in the new Retreat.