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Buddy Valastro Gives Health Update After His Terrifying Hand Injury

“Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro is on the mend.

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Buddy after he suffered a hand injury while attempting to repair a malfunctioning bowling pin setter in his home bowling alley.

Buddy shared, “It was just a crazy thing — it could have happened with me fixing my lawn mower or a piece of equipment at the bakery.”

Of what happened, Valastro revealed, “I had a metal rod through my hand. It went through my ring finger and my middle finger. The mechanism just crushed my thumb 'cause it was stuck in it.”

Luckily, his sons and brothers-in-law sprang into action to help.

Valastro admitted, “I have no idea how I was calm. It was a crazy thing — there was blood everywhere. I was stuck, but something told me to talk through this. I told them, 'Go get pliers, go get a saw,' they cut me off the machine and I went to the hospital.”

Days after the gruesome accident, Valastro still does not know the prognosis. He explained, “Still very premature to know what the full extent of what I will get back in my hand, my dominant hand, whether I have to learn to do more with my left hand. I will do what I gotta do.”

Along with being grateful for his sons, who helped free him, Valastro also showed some love to health care workers. He noted, “When something like this happens, you appreciate them even more… The surgeons that worked on my hands, I want to kiss their hands and thank them, 'cause I could have lost my hand.”