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Cory Booker Talks Kamala Harris, Kanye West… and What He’s Missing Most During the Pandemic

Cory Booker Talks Kamala Harris, Kanye West… and What He’s Missing Most During the Pandemic

Senator Cory Booker was one of 20 Democrats vying for the White House, but now he is all-in for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to defeat President Donald Trump.

“Extra’s” Nate Burleson spoke with Cory, who told him he is very close to Kamala. “She's like a sister to me,” Cory said. Nate noted one could describe her as “tough,” asking if Booker would agree. He replied, “Look, man, you and I were raised by Black women and she is from that… You know that song 'I'm Every Woman'… she is one of those people who I have seen be tough and strong and fierce, but knows at the same time you can be compassionate, to lead with your heart, to see everyone, to care and nurture for others… We've seen nothing like her yet.”

What does the politician think of Kanye West’s presidential run? “I don't even think it's real, man,” Booker said. “And it's a democracy. You can do whatever you want. But I just don't even think it's real. God bless him. I pray for the brother. I really do, sincerely. I have no ill will there. But I hope that sophisticated voters will know that there are some people to exploit his candidacy, to protect Donald Trump.”

Revealing how he handles attacks from the President, Cory said, “We are not defined by what he says, we are defined by how we choose to respond. I'm never going to let him pull me so low as to make me hate him or anyone else.”

Cory also talked about how he is handling the pandemic, saying, “I'm smiling right now… I was in a supermarket and somebody recognized me behind my mask, and then they ran up and hugged me. I realized as I'm holding them, maybe a little too long, of the few hugs I've had during the pandemic, because at that point, my significant other and I were separated… She was in California and I'm here for like six months and I realized, 'Wow, I miss hugs.'”

His significant other, of course, is Rosario Dawson.

Cory is also missing his mom, saying, “I don't want to get emotional, but my mom is so important to me and she lives in Vegas and I’m dying to see her and hug her.”