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Baby Bump Alert! Ashley Tisdale Expecting First Child with Christopher French

Baby Bump Alert! Ashley Tisdale Expecting First Child with Christopher French

Actress Ashley Tisdale, 35, has a bun in the oven!

On Thursday, Tisdale announced she is expecting her first child with husband Christopher French. With no caption necessary, she debuted her baby bump on Instagram.

Last year, Tisdale pointed out that they weren’t rushing to have kids. In a birth control ad, she said, “Whether you’re traveling or you have work or education or you’re married and not ready to have a kid yet, there are options out there… For me, it’s like, it’s okay to not want to start a family right away. People are always asking me about that, but it’s just not the right time. And I have options out there.”

It looks like Tisdale was feeling that way for years. In 2016, she told “Extra” in Los Angeles, “Definitely not right now. I have so much going on… maybe eventually… I have a niece who is 6 and she is a lot to handle so I think I can wait.”

The baby news comes six years after they tied the knot. Ashley recently gushed on Instagram, "Wow I can’t believe we’ve been married 6 years?!! Time flies. I remember having so much fear the minute we got together because I couldnt believe how good you treated me. I had never been treated that way. But I let go and trusted my heart and 8 months later we were a couple of crazy kids engaged. Chris you truly have made me a better version of myself because you keep inspiring me everyday. Your heart is pure, you would do anything to make me happy, through the ups and downs you are my solid rock. I’m so grateful I get to be your wife. I love you and after all this time I’m still into you."

Christopher added, "Six years. There are so many moments, so many tiny fragile little moments that I can look at specifically. Amazing, beautiful bright ones and hard, cloudy difficult ones... we just keep getting closer. I really can’t imagine life without you @ashleytisdale. I love you endlessly, Happy Anniversary ✨❤️✨."

As for how they keep their marriage strong after all these years, she told Us Weekly last year, “I think that pretty much every night we hang out, and pretty much on the weekends we’re like, ‘Okay, let’s do a specific night where we’ll do a date. We both know what our priorities are. We both know that we’re always each other’s number-one. So I think that’s really how you balance your relationship with work.”