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Eva Longoria on Fighting for Farmers' Rights, Plus: Her Quarantine with Son Santi

Eva Longoria on Fighting for Farmers' Rights, Plus: Her Quarantine with Son Santi

Eva Longoria has been riding out the pandemic with her husband José Bastón and their son Santiago. “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay caught up with Eva to chat about her time at home, her new commitment to helping advocate for farm workers, and the presidential election.

Longoria said she is enjoying quarantine with her son. “It’s been really a blessing for me being able to be with Santi — he's 2 years old," she said. "He's in the perfect spot of not being a baby, but not having to be homeschooled… He’s just happy to have Mommy all day, every day.”

Eva is thrilled to be helping with the push for farmers’ rights, saying, “I was so excited to partner with Tillamook because I’m a big advocate for farmworker rights.” Longoria is helping raise funds with Tillamook for the American Farmland Trust, a nonprofit that helps farmers. She said, "Their mission is to protect farmlands and to promote safe farming practices.”

She is also spending time working on the presidential election! “I’m working really hard just to make sure we have voter participation in the Latino community, which is nonpartisan... I just want people to understand [that] the most powerful part of our democracy is the citizen.”

Of taking part in last month's groundbreaking virtual DNC, she said, “Any time you have an opportunity to speak to America, it is daunting… but I was there that night as an American. I wasn’t there as a celebrity… I was there as a daughter of a veteran, as a daughter of a teacher, as a small business owner, as a girl who paid her way through college with student debt and credit card debt, who really achieved the American dream.”

Rachel asked, “Do you think that Joe Biden can beat Donald Trump?" to which Eva answered, “Of course… I have a great hope that Joe Biden will know how to turn this country back around.”