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Sharon Stone Opens Up About Sister’s Recovery from COVID-19, Plus: Her New Series ‘Ratched’

Sharon Stone Opens Up About Sister’s Recovery from COVID-19, Plus: Her New Series ‘Ratched’

Ryan Murphy’s new wild and wicked series “Ratched” is coming to Netflix with an all-star cast that includes Sharon Stone, Sarah Paulson and Cynthia Nixon.

“Extra’s” Nate Burleson caught up with the actresses, who opened up about the project and living in a pandemic.

Sharon has been updating fans on social media about her sister Kelly and brother-in-law Bruce, who were hospitalized with COVID-19.

The couple has finally tested negative, and Sharon told Nate, “I’m so relieved that I think I’m starting to crumble,” revealing, “It was just so stressful and my son had to have surgery at the same time. So I had to go to a surgery place during this period. I was just, just a mess.”

The actresses shared what they miss the most from pre-pandemic life. Sharon said, “Hugging. Hugging my friends.” Cynthia added, “Going to the theater. I miss being on the subway.” Sarah quipped, “Everything.”

In the new series, Paulson plays one of the world’s most iconic characters, Nurse Ratched from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and learn how she came to be.

Sarah is not only in every scene but she also executive produced the series. “It was tough… I wanted to do them both well… It’s always a nerve-wracking experience to step into something for the first time… I’ve never executive produced anything before. I’ve never worked with these wonderful actresses before, so it was a lot of firsts.”

Stone stars as Lenore Osgood, an eccentric heiress. She praised the production, saying, “To shoot a noir story in Technicolor really explained, I thought, the characters, because they were like noir characters in Technicolor.”

Nixon portrays Gwendolyn Briggs, a determined campaign manager to an unpleasant politician. She shared how the show sheds light on mental illness, saying, “Whatever demons you have inside you, there’s no squelching them or eradicating them other than bringing them out into daylight and facing them honestly… Because if you try to push them back, [they become] 10 times bigger and stronger and more terrifying and more of a problem.”

“Ratched” premieres September 18 on Netflix.