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Ryan Lochte Undergoes Surgery After Becoming ‘Very, Very Sick’ on Trip

Ryan Lochte Undergoes Surgery After Becoming ‘Very, Very Sick’ on Trip

Olympian Ryan Lochte is recovering from an unexpected surgery.

The swimmer fell ill on a family trip to California, and his wife Kayla Reid revealed on Instagram that they skipped their flight home so he could get medical care.

Lochte ended up having his appendix out and was treated for a small hernia. Before the operation, he posted on Instagram Stories, “Wish me luck”

He later updated his fans with the message, “Hey everyone, surgery went AMAZING! I’m all good, I feel great right now.”

Kayla also shared some details on her Instagram Stories on Sunday. According to SwimSwam.com, she said, “He’s still in the hospital, he is doing okay, he’s doing fine, I think. Still in some pain from the surgery. He had his appendix removed and he also happened to have a very tiny, tiny hernia in his belly button area.”

The family reportedly lives in Gainesville, Florida, and Kayla explained, “We were supposed to fly home yesterday, but we were kind of in and out of the hospital Friday night because he was in a lot of pain. They weren’t sure if it was his appendix. They were running a lot of tests on him because he was very, very sick and in a lot of pain. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable flying.”

They made the right call. Reid said they “ended up going back to the hospital around 4AM on Saturday. Couldn’t be better timing, because I’m so thankful that we weren’t on the plane or something and (if) we were delayed we weren’t stuck somewhere.”

Ryan is now recovering with Kayla and their son Caiden, 3, and daughter Liv, 14 months.