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Jessica Simpson Talks COVID-19 Lockdown with Eric Johnson, Plus: Her Lifelong Struggle with Eczema

Jessica Simpson Talks COVID-19 Lockdown with Eric Johnson, Plus: Her Lifelong Struggle with Eczema

On Wednesday, “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke to best-selling author, singer, and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson, who opened up about life in quarantine with her husband, ex-NFL star Eric Johnson, and their kids Maxie, Ace and Birdie.

Jessica and Eric, who recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary, have had no problem with all the extra closeness the pandemic has brought. Jessica shared, “Honestly, Eric and I are never apart. In our 10 years, in all, if you calculate it, we maybe have spent two weeks apart. I’m addicted to him! I just love to have him around.”

The 40-year-old joked, “If I get sick of him, I’m like, ‘Go to the other room, please. Why don’t you go meditate?'”

Jessica “absolutely” approves if her kids decide they want go into show business. She explained, “For me, I had such a great upbringing. My parents were very grounded, and we all had our heads on straight and morals and values were very important. Eric and I are that way as well in our parenting. So, I don’t ever really see it affecting them in a negative way. They all area very talented in their own unique ways.”

Now, Jessica is partnering with drug company Pfizer for the prescription eczema medication EUCRISA, which has helped with her longtime skin condition. Jessica, who has always been open about her personal struggles, said, “I’m always open about my insecurities. I do have eczema, and I’ve had it ever since I was a kid. Even when I was a cheerleader, I remember I couldn’t wait to put on the letter jacket or to throw on a hoodie. People would hug me and say, 'What’s on your arm? Why does it feel so funny?'"

As for why is she speaking out now, Jessica commented, “I’ve spoken out about pretty much everything in my life, especially after releasing my memoir ‘Open Book.’ I’ve just been really open.”

A recent flare-up of the condition, characterized by itchy, inflamed, cracked, and rough skin, led her to seek treatment. Jessica said, “I called my doctor and he immediately prescribed EUCRISA, and for me, it worked within two weeks. I had a great experience with it.”

Even with a full house of kids during quarantine, Jessica is still finding the time to be creative. Of her upcoming projects, she teased, “Yes, I have some big things coming. Being in lockdown has unlocked my creative brain and a lot of exciting thing are happening that I really can’t wait to share!”