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Amanda Kloots Posts Loving Note to Nick Cordero on 1-Month Anniversary of His Death

It was one month ago that Nick Cordero passed away of complications from COVID-19.

His wife Amanda Kloots honored him on Wednesday with a loving Instagram picture of the pair with son Elvis, 1, and a note addressed to the Broadway star.

She wrote, “Dear Nick, it’s been one month since you’ve been gone. I wish I could say it has got easier, but with each passing day I miss you more and more. I wish I could see you, hold you, kiss you, talk to you, hear your voice, get a hug, see you with Elvis. Your huge presence in our lives is missed every second of every day. I love you forever and always❤️”

Kloots has been sharing some of her grieving on Instagram, including heartbreaking message about the realization that she has lost her family and the dream of what was to come.

“Every day, as I process this loss more and more, I realize new things that are hitting me on a daily basis,” she shared. “Today it was that I lost our family. I lost my husband. Elvis lost his father, but today I realized we lost our family. We didn’t really even get to be a family. We won’t have those memories that I dreamed of since Elvis was born. This hit me hard. It stung like a horrible bug bite actually. The pain of everything has recently begun to stop me in my tracks. I’ll be doing something and I freeze, unable to think or move. My gut aches, it actually aches deeper than I ever knew it could.” ⠀ She later shared a lighter moment, after someone sent her a side-by-side pic of Elvis and Nick that took her “breath away.”

“I have said from the beginning that Elvis is a mini Nick but WOW this side by side sealed the deal. I've noticed now that Elvis does this look a lot to me. When he is playing and I call his name to look at me or we are cuddling in bed and he looks up at me. It makes my heart melt. ❤️”

She added, “I feel so lucky to have Elvis in my life. A piece of Nick that is still alive. I am so grateful for that. I am trying to find the things in my life that I am grateful for through this difficult time when nothing seems right. I always start my day with a positive quote but I am going to start adding in what I am grateful for to remind me that there are always blessings even in the most difficult of times.”

Nick, 41, was admitted to the hospital in late March with COVID-19 and suffered many related setbacks, including a medically induced coma, amputated leg, and lung infections. He passed away July 5.