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Producer Scott Budnick Recalls 'Hangover' Scene So 'Wild' Cops Were Called!

Producer Scott Budnick Recalls 'Hangover' Scene So 'Wild' Cops Were Called!

"The John Roa Show" recently caught up with Hollywood producer Scott Budnick, who reminisced about his storied career and past projects like "The Hangover."

Budnick even revealed one wild scene from the raunchy comedy, featuring Bradley Cooper and Ken Jeong, that led to the cops being called!


Scott recalled a conversation with Ken that led to the infamous moment, saying, “We were talking, and that scene where he jumps naked out of the trunk, it was written as him jumping out with pants and no shirt. And he said to me, ‘Do you think it would be funny if I did it naked?’ and my eyes got big and I said, ‘Let me talk to Todd [Phillips].” According to Scott, Todd, the director, replied, “Hell, yeah, make it happen.”

Budnick went on, “The next day, we were on this empty lot outside Mandalay Bay, it is probably 110 degrees… it was so miserably hot and Ken has to jump out of this trunk naked 20 to 30 times,” he said. Fans may recall that in the film, Ken jumps into Bradley’s arms and starts beating him with a pipe. Scott said Cooper was a real “trooper” about all of it.

Scott Budnick

The shocking scene caught the attention of hotel patrons nearby, and Budnick explained, “Because it wasn’t supposed to be naked, we ultimately got the cops called on us because people at Mandalay Bay and other hotels around us kept seeing this naked guy jump out and called the cops and we had to scramble to sort of make sure they didn’t see it.”

Looking back, he said, “It was a miserable day — and one of the funniest days ever.”

Scott also talked about his career, the nonprofit Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and future projects. Check out the full episode here!