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Vivica A. Fox Talks Possible ‘Empire’ Finale, Plus: Those Zendaya Comments

Vivica A. Fox Talks Possible ‘Empire’ Finale, Plus: Those Zendaya Comments

Vivica A. Fox is keeping busy starring in and producing two movies for the “Wrong” franchise on LMN.

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Fox, who is also giving die-hard “Empire” fans something to be excited about.

“I’m hoping once coronavirus is over, we can get a two-hour finale movie of ‘Empire’ for the fans,” she revealed. “That last script is going to be off the chain.”

When Billy asked whether that’s being discussed, Vivica answered, “Absolutely… Lee Daniels, who is the creator of the show, mentioned it and said the fans would welcome that with open arms.”

Fox would welcome co-star Jussie Smollett back, too, saying, “Oh, listen, we love Jussie. Jussie will always be family…The fans miss Jussie. I would welcome him back if we did the finale, absolutely.”

Fox set the record straight about her recent comments that she would like Zendaya to play her daughter in a “Kill Bill” sequel. She shared, “I was asked a question in an interview. I would never kick the original actress Ambrosia Kelly to the curb like that.”

“The reporter said, ‘If they want a name, you know how studios get, if they want a name to play your daughter’ — that’s when I suggested Zendaya,” Vivica added. “I was just answering a question, to be very honest with you, and I’m just waiting for the call like everybody else that we’re gonna make ‘Kill Bill 3.’”

The actress is also focusing on her “Wrong” franchise, which is back with two films "The Wrong Wedding Planner" and "The Wrong Stepfather." She raved, “I’m so blessed that my ‘Wrong Is So Right’ franchise has turned into binge-watching during [COVID-19].”

She said, “We have ‘The Wrong Man’…’The Wrong Father’...’The Wrong Boy Next Door’...‘The Wrong Crew’... We do it so wrong, it’s right.”

“The Wrong Wedding Planner” premieres July 17, while “The Wrong Stepfather” premieres July 31 on Lifetime Movie Network.