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Christie Brinkley on Gaining and Losing Weight in Quarantine, Plus: Sailor’s Body Image Struggles

It is a Sports Illustrated SI quarantine edition at Christie Brinkley’s house with four models under one roof!

“Extra” caught up with Christie, who confirmed, “We have four — Alexa, Sailor, Nina Agdal and me.”

Christie is in lockdown in the Hamptons with daughters Alexa and Sailor, who famously posed with their mom, and Nina, who is dating Brinkley’s son Jack.

It is a full house with Alexa’s fiancé Ryan Gleason and Sailor’s boyfriend Ben Sonse there too.

“We’re doing very well,” she said. “We count our blessings. We’re healthy and that’s what’s the most important, and then we’re together and that’s wonderful.”

The crew is working on a victory garden together. She said, “This morning we were just looking, we’re getting cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes are ready to burst.”

They have chickens, too — in fact, they just got a second batch. “We had to introduce them to each other and they really do have a pecking order,” Brinkley said.

Proving she is just like us, Christie said she’s gained weight during the lockdown. “I did put on a couple pounds… So I dragged my Total Gym into my bedroom… Getting out and gardening is a lot of work… We’ll take the boat to a deserted beach and we’ll do speed walks or running… I’m determined to get back to my fighting shape.”

Opening up about her daughter Sailor’s own struggles with body image issues, she said, “I know she’s always had… body image issues. I know that she loves food… She wanted to find that balance. She didn’t want to live a life of dieting… It was important to find a place where you want to fuel your body with really good things.”

Brinkley is keeping it healthy, too, with her Bellissima Prosecco: “My zero-sugar prosecco… zero sugar, zero carbs, zero guilt.”

Christie will be appearing on QVC on July 15 to promote her Bellissima Prosecco line.