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Momming Hard! Bekah Martinez Breastfeeds Both Kids at Once

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Just doin’ my mom thing.

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“Bachelor” alum Bekah Martinez is pulling double duty when it comes to breastfeeding!

The 25-year-old just shared photos of herself nursing daughter Ruth, 2, and son Franklin, who was born June 19.


Bekah is curled up on a bed with her little ones in the pics, and wrote in the caption, “Just doin’ my mom thing.”

The photos garnered praise in the comments, calling Bekah “amazing,” a “badass,” and a “rockstar.”


Martinez explained in her Instagram Stories, “I get the question often: ‘How long are you going to breast-feed for?’ … There’s nothing f–king weird about a 2-year-old still nursing. It’s bonding time, soothing time and boosts the immune system. it’s only weird if you’ve still got it in your head that breasts are inherently sexual, even between mother and child and if that’s the case, who’s the weird one?”

Bekah shot to fame when she was vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s love on Season 22 of “The Bachelor.” She has been with her current boyfriend, Grayston Leonard, since 2018.