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Disney Channel Actor Sebastián Athie Dead at 24

Disney Channel star Sebastián Athie has died at the age of 24.

Over the holiday weekend, Disney Channel Latin America broke the sad news, tweeting, “Rest in peace, Sebas. Your art and your smile stay forever. We regret the departure of Sebastián Athie and we will always remember him for his talent, companionship, professionalism and above all, enormous heart. We accompany his family, friends and fans in his farewell.”

The cause of his death is currently unknown.

Athie’s last Instagram post came a month ago. Along with posting a pic of himself by an outdoor staircase, he quoted Nelson Mandela’s autobiography “Long Way to Freedom.” He put the focus on the quote, “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Athie was known for his role as teen soccer player Lorenzo Guevara on the Argentinian TV series “O11CE,” which has been airing on Disney Channel Latin America since 2017.

His “O11CE” co-star Santiago Stieben paid tribute after Athie's death, writing on Instagram, “He was probably the most fun and happy person I've met in all my years. He was always a good friend and part of team. "

Athie’s co-star Daniel Panitio also remembered him, writing, “Noble souls do not die and your light will be eternal, passion, discipline and love, so I will remember you, my roomie, my friend, my brother. God have your holy glory. I do no understand many times his plans, and for the first time it makes you feel to lose a brother, life I owe you a lot, I will miss you,

Along with acting, Athie also sang; he released music last year.