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Kevin Bacon Wants to ‘Shut Up and Listen’ About Racism, Plus: His Father’s Day Plans

Kevin Bacon Wants to ‘Shut Up and Listen’ About Racism, Plus: His Father’s Day Plans

Actor Kevin Bacon, 61, is educating himself as the country fights systemic racism.

Along with dishing on his new movie “You Should Have Left,” Bacon spoke with “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst about the issues plaguing America right now.

Showing his support for Black Lives Matter, Kevin shared, “I really think it’s a good time for me to kinda shut up and listen… I think that for a long time in my life… I believed that I knew everything about everything… like when I started acting, I thought I knew everything there was about acting… As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize how much more there is to learn… This movement is no exception. I feel like that’s what my job needs to be right now.”

Currently, Kevin is quarantined with wife Kyra Sedgwick as they get ready to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend. He said, “The perfect Father’s Day for me wouldn’t be on Zoom, let’s put it that way… I’m not with my kids now, ya know. I want to hug them.”

Grateful for what he does have, Bacon commented, “We wake up every day and have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the fact that… we’re not required to be on the front lines of the pandemic.”

During his 42 years in Hollywood, Kevin has made some classic scary movies. Does he believe in ghosts and apparitions? He answered, “It’s not that I don’t believe, it’s just that I’ve never seen one. If I saw one, I’d be like, 'Great,' and I’ve done a lot of movies that have had sorta ghosty kinda spiritual, ya know, kinda things, and listen, I’d be happy to have an alien come into my backyard or a ghost flying around, but I just haven’t experienced it yet.”

“You Should Have Left” is the story of a family who encounters bizarre events while renting a vacation home. Bacon explained why he felt “strange” while staying in a London flat for the shooting of the movie. He dished, “You walk into a wall and there’s all these little hooks where the pictures, the personal photos, have been taken down, which is actually in the movie, and it’s a very strange feeling.”

“You Should Have Left” is available On Demand.