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Bebe Rexha Reveals Her Parents Were Diagnosed with Covid-19

Bebe Rexha Reveals Her Parents Were Diagnosed with Covid-19
Bebe with her mom Bukurije in NYC in September 2019.

“Extra’s” Nate Burleson caught up with Bebe Rexha today, who talked about her new 2020 graduation anthem and broke news that her parents were diagnosed with Covid-19.

“They got sick with the coronavirus and were very ill for three weeks, and I got very nervous,” she said.

Bebe, who lives in L.A., wanted to drive across the country to NYC to be with them. “I was thinking of doing the whole drive... to take care of them... They were so adamant about not having my brother and I there, but finally they got better. Finally they can taste food again. I’m really grateful.”

She added, “I am happy that New York is getting into a much better spot and the East Coast is starting to see the light.”

Rexha also shared how she is spending her days in quarantine, saying, “I’ve been testing new recipes, cooking a lot, and being super positive and doing things that feel good for my soul, [trying] to stay creative… At one point, I was really bored. Now I get to do this, so I feel so much better.”

The pop star is giving “Pomp and Circumstance” the Bebe Rexha treatment for the class of 2020 with “Here’s to 2020.” Her message: “This will make them stronger and, ya know, no other generation has gone through anything like this. It’s a testament to them, like, anything that comes their way, no matter what comes our way, we’ll get through it. I feel like if they can get through this, they can get through anything.”

She has also been secretly working with David Guetta, explaining, “I’ve actually been writing with him a lot through Zoom. We have some amazing songs that we’ve been working on.”

She continued, “I’m a big fan of David… He’s been playing some songs that he’s been working on, and it’s really like he’s been in a really, like, interesting headspace. I’m loving everything he’s doing.”

Plus, Bebe has a new album. “I just finished my album, actually, and it’s in the mixing process. I’m really excited about it. It took me two years, and obviously when the coronavirus thing happened, it kinda put a stall on it… My fans are getting very frustrated, but I’m like, ‘I promise it’s gonna be worth it!’ I really love this album more than any other album.”