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Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Pregnancy and Reveals When She’s Due

Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Pregnancy and Reveals When She’s Due

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are expecting their fifth child!

Hilaria made the sweet announcement this week, months after suffering her second miscarriage in a year.

She spoke with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh via Zoom on Tuesday from the family’s home in the Hamptons, where the Baldwins are hunkered down during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Hilaria, joking that she was hiding from her kids, told Renee, “We are really excited. We just passed the mark of when we lost the last baby. I am usually somebody that I share really early on. This time, because it happened so soon after the last one, I had to collect my thoughts… I was feeling the ups and downs of my emotions from what had just happened. Then, all a sudden, the coronavirus [happened], and I wanted to be respectful not to turn the conversation to myself, so I was waiting and waiting.”

Her friends encouraged her to share the news. They told her, “There’s a lot of bad news out there and people are sad. It’s not a bad thing, Hilaria, if you want to share some good news.”

When are they due? “We’re expecting sometime in September,” she revealed.

She is planning on sharing the gender as well, but medical appointments are running behind.

“We got good news that the baby is doing well yesterday, everything is kind of back-logged, like all the stuff we would have known already is back-logged, so I think we will know in a week. I will have to tell my kids first.”

Her eldest, Carmen, has known she was pregnant for four weeks now. Hilaria said, “She’s so excited.”

Hilaria said she doesn’t have any cravings. “I’m so busy right now with homeschooling, and working, cooking, doing it all the time… I think I haven’t been able to think about how I feel about it as much as other times… But everything is really positive.”

Alec is helping out around the house — he's even been cooking! “He’s somebody who does dishes a lot. He does a lot of stuff, I think, before I knew him it would surprise me that he does… He’s a two-trick pony — he either makes an omelet or a stir-fry… They taste good… Very healthy, lots of vegetables, olive oil, it’s all very healthy.”