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Kellan Lutz on COVID-19 and Losing His Daughter: 'You Have to Find Happiness'

Kellan Lutz on COVID-19 and Losing His Daughter: 'You Have to Find Happiness'
Tony Kim for Lapalme

Kellan Lutz, Lapalme magazine's new cover guy, is reflecting on what is getting him through hard times — his faith.

In an interview for the magazine with William Roebuck, Lutz, most famous for the "Twilight" trilogy, opens up about the crushing news that he and his wife Brittany had lost their unborn baby girl at six months.

Tony Kim for Lapalme
Kellan was shot on location at NYC's Complete Body Limelight

"Mid-January, we had an appointment," he says in the piece. "We had just returned from our babymoon to Fiji. We had such a great trip, but I remember her stomach was looking smaller." When a doctor confirmed their baby was stillborn, Lutz was in shock. "The thing for me is that I never thought this was a possibility."

He says they got through it by leaning into their Christian faith. "We are so grateful she is in heaven, and we remind ourselves that she didn't have to come into this world and deal with heartbreak, and she gets to be with Jesus. It's bittersweet, but I'm happy to trust that one day we'll have a big family."

Tony Kim for Lapalme
Kellan says, "I don't work out to look a certain way. It's for my soul."

Lutz, who is starring on the new Dick Wolf series "FBI: Most Wanted," also talks about how "eerie" NYC was toward the end of shooting. Back in L.A., he says, "One store was packed, and then a small store nearby would have no one in it, and you could shop. The freeways didn't have anyone on them, which was weird. There was no morning traffic at all."

He describes his character on the hot new show as "the new kid on the block" who has "a comedic boy-wonder type charm, and he's a bull in a china shop, always quick to action."

Tony Kim for Lapalme
Lutz, seeking to remain positive, says, "Wherever God has you in life, he has you there for a reason."

He admits he had some secret help in securing the role — Brittany shot his audition tape! He said of the vlogger and host, "She should be an actress. She is super talented."

"FBI: Most Wanted" airs on CBS.

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