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Taraji P. Henson Talks ‘Coffee & Kareem,’ How She’s Self-Isolating, Her Wedding, and More

Taraji P. Henson Talks ‘Coffee & Kareem,’ How She’s Self-Isolating, Her Wedding, and More

Taraji P. Henson has a new Netflix movie to keep folks entertained at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. “Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke to the star Tuesday via Zoom about “Coffee & Kareem,” plus how she’s coping in lockdown.

As people continue to self-isolate, Taraji was working from home, saying, “I am in the bedroom because my son is in town. He is occupying the office.”

Sharing how she is taking time to connect with her soul, Henson said, “I have aligned all of my chakras more than once, meditating a lot. I find myself praying, reflecting a lot, doing a lot of things I have said I wanted to do around the house that I don’t have time to do… Keeping busy, I learned how to do gel nails — I am a nail tech now.”

She is quarantined with her fiancé Kelvin Hayden, and after moving their wedding date to June, it looks like they may have to delay their nuptials again. “It’s probably going to be more like July. We have to see what this will be like at the other end.”

They are concerned about their families, Taraji said, saying, “Our grandparents, my grandmother is about to turn 96, his is 86, how do we get them to the wedding now? Now, we are concerned, just trying to figure out the safest and best way.”

Looking at the big picture, Taraji said, “I think this moment and pandemic will change us forever… The shaking of the hands... or the hugs… We will be more sterile, if you will, and that’s a bit scary for me because I am a people person.”

Henson also dished on “Coffee & Kareem,” a raunchy buddy-cop comedy. She plays Vanessa Manning, whose son Kareem Manning (Terrence Little Gardenhigh) tries to scare her cop boyfriend James Coffee (Ed Helms). The plan backfires, and Coffee and Kareem find themselves going head-to-head with Detroit’s most dangerous drug dealers.

Henson loved working with Ed, telling Billy, “It’s his humor. Any man who can make me laugh has my heart.”

She added that 12-year-old Terrence was a little concerned about Kareem’s language, but she tried to put his mind at ease. Taraji said, “He is a consummate professional. That kid doesn’t even talk like that. He kept apologizing. I was like, ‘Baby, you are a professional actor right now, this is just a character. Nobody is going to hold this against you.’”

Henson also revealed she used to crush on another comedian, Adam Sandler. “He, for a long, long time, was my huge crush. He did something, it was his humor. I was just enamored by his humor… Wish I could work with him.”

Taraji even dished a little on the ending of “Empire,” saying, “This is a good place to leave it… We did some pretty iconic things… We will leave it right in the hearts of everyone who joined in with us and watched.”

The final episodes of “Empire” will air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX, and “Coffee & Kareem” premieres April 3 on Netflix.