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How Christie Brinkley Is Giving Back Amid COVID-19 Crisis

How Christie Brinkley Is Giving Back Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Iconic model Christie Brinkey, 66, is coping with the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh FaceTimed with Brinkley, who is at her home in the Hamptons. Spending some time apart from her daughters, Christie shared, “My son is with me. My daughters are — don't even get me started, I'm missing them so much. And I'm so worried about them. They're both in the city. But Sailor was touring with ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ And she was meeting with crowds of people every night, hugging everybody so she said, 'Mom, there is no way I'm coming home until I'm 100% sure I haven't contracted anything.’"

She added about daughter Alexa, her child with Billy Joel, “And Alexa has all her equipment there. She's been working on some recordings, so she's been hesitant to leave all of that. Of course, I want my babies here.”

Alexa, who is engaged to Ryan Gleason, has also put wedding planning on hold. Christie said, “Everything's on hold right now.”

Brinkley does know some people who are battling coronavirus, saying, “We know a large number of people that… are suffering with it to varying degrees.”

Showing love to medical professionals, Christie pointed out, “I have always felt that doctors and nurses are true angels on this planet… What they're doing right now is beyond heroic.”

Christie is also doing her part to help by providing the medical field with essential equipment. She commented, “I'm so happy that my company Bellissima Prosecco is going to be giving back… our sales to try and buy the personal protection that the nurses.. and arm the people on the forefront of this battle.”

“If I can encourage people to… lift their spirits, they can lift others, too, by having a Bellissima,” Brinkley went on. “We're doing this through a great organization called Direct Relief… They're doing a great job of mobilizing and getting them masks... all of the stuff they need to stay safe so that they can work to protect us.”

When Renee commented that it is a “win-win” since people are drinking more at home, Christie responded, “And you're eating a lot more, too. So I'm proud to say we have a zero-sugar prosecco.”

Christie also shared a message, asking fans to lift the spirits of the hospital heroes out there. Watch!

To donate, visit SplashWines.com! Brinkley emphasized, “We'll bring it right to your door.”