How Ramona Singer Is Coping with COVID-19 While Battling Lyme Disease

“The Real Housewives of New York” star Ramona Singer is taking COVID-19 seriously, especially after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. “Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke to Ramona, who was in Florida, via FaceTime.

She told him, “I’m isolating and I’m very blessed to be in a beautiful place in Florida on the oceanfront. If I’m going to isolate, this is the best way, because with my Lyme disease, my immunity is really non-existent and God forbid I get the virus.”

Singer added, “Well, my doctor, Bernard Schayes, discovered my Lyme disease. I went to him because I wanted to be preventative with my health. He tells me to wash my hands up to my elbows, and for a minute. So I'm doing that. Whenever I leave the condo, I take a paper towel or something. And I don't touch any outside doors, I don't touch any knobs, any elevators, and I'm staying away from people.”

How is she spending her time? “I just go from here cooking, lunch, dinner, and breakfast, and I'm using Netflix nonstop with ‘Game of Thrones,’ and then I go down to the beach for an hour or two… I just don't want to be in contact with anyone or anyone be in contact with me.”

She is in touch with her fellow Housewives, saying, “We all interact through a group text… When they found out I had Lyme disease, they all were very supportive and said, 'Be careful.' You know, that's one thing about the group of us… We may fight like crazy people sometimes and get angry, but when someone is down and out, we rally for each other, so they've all rallied around me.”