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Al Pacino Reveals He's a Big Eminem Fan

Al Pacino Reveals He's a Big Eminem Fan

Wednesday was a night of firsts for Al Pacino, who was in Hollywood for the premiere of his first TV show, the new Amazon Prime series "Hunters."

"Extra's" Mark Wright spoke with Pacino, who was in great spirits. The legendary actor said he is doing "very well," adding with a smile, "I think."

The star revealed another red-carpet first: "I forgot my sunglasses. Usually, with the lights, I wear sunglasses… it’s just the flashes sometimes... but I have these…"

He then asked Mark, "Now, you want to see something really cool?" as he put on his eyeglasses, saying, "This is super cool." He added with a laugh, "These are dirty eyeglasses."

"Hunters" is a series about a group of Nazi hunters who discover hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials in 1977 New York City and try to bring them to justice. This marks Pacino's his first role since his Oscar nomination for playing Jimmy Hoffa in "The Irishman."

Pacino talked about being at the Oscars this year, telling Mark how Hollywod's biggest night has changed. "It changed in that it's a little less formal," he said.

He said of the night's surprise performance by Eminem, "I love Eminem. I happened to be standing up in the back — I brought my three kids and I was in the back… I saw Eminem and I just stopped and l looked at him."

Was Al dancing to Eminem in the back? Pacino said, "Yeah, I guess inside."

"Hunters" premieres February 21 on Amazon Prime.