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Meghan Trainor Reveals When She Plans to Start Trying for a Baby

Meghan Trainor Reveals When She Plans to Start Trying for a Baby

Meghan Trainor just dropped her new album “Treat Myself,” and she’s dishing on the inspiration behind her music with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh.

The star is also opening up about what is next for her and husband Daryl Sabara.

She told Renee, “There are some love songs on here that are very heartbreaking, and don't worry, my marriage is great. It's not about Daryl and I.”

Meghan revealed, “Writing was tough for a minute. I walked in and would be like, ‘Hey, guys, I'm super happy.’ I went through a long period of panic disorder… You feel like you're having a mental breakdown and you lose yourself… and one thing my therapist said that shook me to the core was, 'You’ve got to treat yourself.'"

So how does she treat herself? “Thank you for asking. Ha. I got up today early and I worked out, and I eat healthy with my husband… We got a massage the other day on our day off… We're like, 'Let's do something for us before the kids come.'" So when are they coming? “I want them so bad," she said, "I'm working. I'm going to be that person that's constantly throwing up from morning sickness and feeling everything. So we are just going to wait until it's the very right time.” Trainor added, “I'm going on tour with Maroon 5. I think I'm just going to do it at the end.”

Renee smiled, “A Maroon 5 baby!” Meghan agreed, exclaiming, “A Maroon 5 baby! Hope so.” She’s hoping her family grows from there, saying, "I want a village.”

Trainor is also an advocate for body positivity, and commented on Jillian Michaels calling out Lizzo. Meghan said, “I wouldn't come for Lizzo right now in this moment. She is everything. She is beautiful. And we love her like this. We love her how she is.”

She added, “I'm working on my health every day, but I love my curves. I know how important it is to get on the treadmill and to be healthy because I want to live forever.”