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Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t Pressuring Daughter Katherine & Chris Pratt for Grandkids

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t Pressuring Daughter Katherine & Chris Pratt for Grandkids

Arnold Schwarzenegger is living his best life at 72!

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with the former governor of California at the Arnold Pro Strongman World Series, where he opened up about his daughter Katherine and her husband Chris Pratt.

Over the summer, Katherine tied the knot with Chris, who shares her love of animals. As for pressuring Katherine for some grandkids, Arnold doesn’t feel the need to do that. He explained, “I don't push it because I know it's going to happen eventually. It's up to Chris and her when they want to do that. So I'm looking forward it to, yes.”

When Renee praised Katherine for “all the work she’s doing,” like advocating for dog rescue, Arnold commented, “All of my kids are doing something of importance. They don't take their position or who they're children of for granted… So my wife and I are very proud of our kids.”

Arnold’s mini-me son Joseph, 22, is following in his bodybuilding footsteps. He pointed out, “All of the kids are working out really hard. They're all training in one way or another. That's how they grew up. They have no choice.”

His other son, Patrick, 26, is acting, starring in “Daniel Isn’t Real.” Arnold, a proud dad, emphasized, “Not just this movie but… taking his acting career really seriously. He never comes to me for any favors. He does all this himself.”

Schwarzenegger is also the father of Christina, 28 and Christopher, 22.

Arnold, who has been involved in acting, bodybuilding, and politics, is showing no signs of slowing down. He shared, “I ride my bike every day. I do cardiovascular every day. It's important to me.”

Over the holidays, Arnold also went skiing with another Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood. He dished, “I ski pretty much everything… But what is really amazing is Clint, who's 90 years old and who's also skiing everything. He skis black diamonds.”

Any chance we will see the two work together? Arnold answered, “Hopefully. We sometimes talk about it.”