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Are Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich on the Verge of a Split?

Are Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich on the Verge of a Split?

Split rumors are swirling about “Dancing with the Stars” alum Julianne Hough, 31, and hockey husband Brooks Laich, 36.

E! News reports that Hough and Laich after “spending time apart,” six months after they celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary.

An insider shared, “They have been spending time apart but are not ready to share what's going on between them. They don't even really know what to call it. There's a ton of love and emotion there and they are going through something very personal."

"She's been very private about this time in her life and is not making any kind of official announcement," the source went on. "She is honoring her work commitments, as is he, and it's kept them apart. But things have definitely changed in their relationship."

According to People magazine, there has been trouble in paradise “for months.” A pal claimed, “She’s very independent and a free spirit, and that’s been tough for Brooks and their marriage.”

Despite the problems, they aren’t calling it quits just yet. Another source told the outlet, “It seems they are not giving up, but also not talking about it. They want to do this their way. They don’t want to discuss their marriage. They have been having problems, but many people do.”

To fuel more rumors, Hough has been spotted several times without her wedding ring, including NBC's New Year's Eve special.


Laich also recently shared a personal post on Instagram about his desire to “becoming a better man.” He said, “As the new year inches closer, I'm doing some reflecting, and some looking ahead. I'm always working on becoming a better man, a better version of me, and it always starts with a vision of who that person is. Knowing where I am, and where I want to go, are equally important."

"So I share these words for anyone else out there on a similar journey ahead of the new year. It's a new decade coming, a new sense of hope and opportunity - and a chance to step into an improved version of you," he emphasized. "You must believe you are, before you can become. Once the belief is set, the path reveals itself. So, much love to all of you taking the time to pour love into yourself, and striving for betterment - I'm with you all the way, and wish you all the best!!"

Earlier this week, Laich discussed his goals for 2020: “In 2020 I look forward to releasing old identities, and stepping into a new chapter in my life. I find myself wanting to officially say the words 'I retire' from professional hockey, instead of vehemently resisting it as I have been for the last 2 years. I feel a new stage of life calling me, and though I don't exactly know what it is yet, it feels right, and exciting!"

Last year, Julianne opened up about how endometriosis has affected their sex life. In an issue of Women’s Health, she said, “It can definitely cut things short. Sometimes we’re in the middle and I’m just like, ‘AH, stop!’ It can be really frustrating.”

While sex isn’t always pleasurable for her, the couple has found other ways to spice it up in the bedroom. She shared, “He only wants to love on me and make me feel good. There’s so much intimacy without actually having sex. There are some cool things we’ve learned and it’s literally been awesome.”