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J.Lo Shares Hopes for 2020, and Talks Super Bowl and Christmas Gift from A-Rod

 J.Lo Shares Hopes for 2020, and Talks Super Bowl and Christmas Gift from A-Rod

Jennifer Lopez just received the Spotlight Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala for her role in “Hustlers”!

Just before accepting the award, Lopez hit the red carpet, where she opened up to “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers about what’s ahead in 2020, her prep for the Super Bowl halftime show, and her Christmas gift from fiancé Alex Rodriguez.

Lahmers asked J.Lo how she’ll top the amazing year she just had in 2019. She replied, “You know what? For me it’s about growing every year… challenging myself, continuing to evolve in different ways just as a person, as a mom, as an entertainer too — all of it. How do I stretch my limits, because one of my big epiphanies of the year is that we are limitless… That’s what I want to teach my girl, my boy, my kids, and spread that message.”

The singer added, “We really don’t have boundaries except the ones we put on ourselves.”

She also dished on her upcoming Super Bowl show with Shakira, saying, “I shouldn’t even be here. I should be rehearsing right now!” She revealed, “We already started rehearsals. We have a few weeks now to lock it all down. I’m excited to play a show I dreamed about for years as an artist, and to give a good show and have a good time.”

Alex recently posted a touching video of his proposal. J.Lo gushed, “He has all the best content… He’s amazing… I think we should set the bar for the men in our life.”

A-Rod gifted her with gorgeous emerald earring for Christmas, and she was wearing them on the red carpet in Palm Springs.

Jennifer said, “I was seriously blown away. I got tears in my eyes, not because of how amazing they were, but that he would do something like that, surprise me in that way. It was so touching. My mom was there and she was like, ‘Why you crying? You deserve it!’ and that made me cry more… It has been an incredible holiday season for us.”