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Gwen & Blake Talk Her Leaving 'The Voice'

Gwen & Blake Talk Her Leaving 'The Voice'
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It's down to the wire on "The Voice"!

"Extra's" Jenn Lahmers was with the coaches for the semi-finals before the big finish Tuesday — and for the first time in seven seasons, all of the star coaches have contestants in the running on the eve of the finale!

Blake Shelton said he is rooting for himself and Ricky Duran, but that he likes how all the coaches still have skin in the game. "I think it's better… It actually gives you a better chance to win… I would rather us all have one person."

Kelly Clarkson said she is happy she has Jake Hoot, saying getting him was a highlight of her time on the show. "I’m glad Jake is a one-chair turner and not having to fight for the possible winner."

Gwen Stefani said, "Nobody knows what could happen… Rose [Short] is so special to me. She is such a cool person… I know she’s fine if she wins or if she doesn’t win."

Meanwhile, John Legend — who is working with Katie Kadan — observed, "We just had a deeply talented year. We had a good time."

The season represents another milestone for Gwen, as she prepares to leave the chair again and pass the torch to Nick Jonas. Gwen told Jenn, "We've had so much fun together. What a great group of human beings. It never gets old, this show… To be back four times, it’s a miracle. Hopefully, maybe I will be back one day, we will see… If not, thank you guys for watching."

Blake will obviously miss having his girlfriend Gwen by his side next season. He joked, "I'm gonna take it out on Nick Jonas… He’s gonna be sitting there, new guy… I’m gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest.”

Kelly Clarkson's advice for Nick? "Be prepared — just like Scar said in 'Lion King.'"

Blake was having none of the wise advice, chiming in, "Suck it, Nick, suck it!"