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A-Rod Talks J.Lo’s Super Bowl Performance, Plus: Details of His New TV Show

A-Rod Talks J.Lo’s Super Bowl Performance, Plus: Details of His New TV Show

“Extra” was with former Yankee superstar Alex Rodriguez today, who talked about the moment his fiancée Jennifer Lopez got the call about performing at the Super Bowl, re-proposing to her at the gym, and the launch of his new CNBC show “Back in the Game.”

J.Lo and A-Rod often take to social media to post their workouts. Recently, he jokingly re-proposed to Lopez mid-workout while holding a Swarovski crystal tumbler. Of course, she said yes. Watch the video!

He told “Extra,” “We were just having a little fun in the gym... you gotta keep it fresh, keep it fun.” He added of their workout regimen, “She's a beast and I just try to keep up a little bit… J.Lo does everything better.”

Lopez is prepping for her highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime performance. Alex said, “We’re excited about the Super Bowl. I mean, it's been a lifelong dream for her to be in the Super Bowl. When we got the phone call from Roger Goodell and the NFL, it was an absolute privilege. It is our hometown in Miami, our four kids are there and look, you'll have 150 million people watching and an incredible show and Jennifer is thrilled!”

As for his new TV show, he literally is helping people get back in the game. “We’re talking about people who have had extraordinary success in sports, in media, in entertainment," he said, "and I think the message for everyone is you don’t have to be an athlete or entertainer to fall on hard times, and we all need a little coaching, a little fundamentals. Usually it comes around the people you surround self with.”

Drawing on his own experience from his baseball suspension, he said, “We all need help.”

“Back in the Game” premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on CNBC.