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Miranda Lambert on Adjusting to Life in NYC

Miranda Lambert on Adjusting to Life in NYC

Country singer Miranda Lambert is getting to know NYC!

The star recently wed NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin, and is spending more time in the Big Apple.

Lambert sat down with New York’s Country 94.7’s “Kelly Ford in the Morning,” revealing the one thing that she’s not quite used to yet.

She said of riding the subway, "The subway is still scary to me… I don't know how to navigate it… I'm scared of the stops. I know I won't pay attention – I'm A.D.D. – so I'll be daydreaming and miss my place to get out."

The city has also inspired her “Wildcard” album, including the song “Fire Escape.”

"I've never had a fire escape before until being here. So, of course, I had to write about it - it's new,” said Lambert.

She said she loves the food, weather, and the energy, adding, "Getting to just disappear and really get into the culture of the city was so good for my creativity and inspiration because it was something different."