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Naomie Harris Talks #MeToo Moment, and Why She Won’t Reveal the Actor Who Groped Her

Naomie Harris Talks #MeToo Moment, and Why She Won’t Reveal the Actor Who Groped Her

Actress Naomie Harris opened up to “Extra” about the #MeToo movement and her new movie “Black and Blue,” which is about a conflicted police officer.

Harris recently told The Guardian that an A-list star once groped her during an audition as the casting director and director looked on.

She told “Extra” of speaking out, “It wasn’t a kind of decision where I was like, ‘Now, I’m going to share my story because I had hidden it for so long…' It was a real celebration of the fact that I feel as though things have moved on so dramatically since when I first started in this industry. In my 20s, when that incident happened, I didn’t feel there was anybody I could tell about it.”

Naomie went on, “I spoke to other actresses and my fellow actresses all experienced something of that kind… It was always expected. We were expected to kind of develop this resilience… Now, I know the culture has completely changed… Consequences happen. I’m really excited about the change.”

She said she would not reveal who the actor was that groped her, explaining, “I would never do that. It’s not about that person. I don’t want my whole narrative to be hijacked by one person’s name. I’m not defined by what one person did to me… I don’t know how wide-reaching his abuse of power was. It was one incident that happened and thankfully it wasn’t scarring in any way. I got over it and lived to tell the tale.”

Naomie also spoke of playing a strong female police officer in “Black and Blue,” explaining, “I love playing strong, amazing women because I think they're underrepresented. We don't have enough of those, especially not as leads in the movies.”

“Black and Blue” is in theaters October 25.