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Jessie James Decker on Why Her Relationship with Eric Decker Works

Jessie James Decker on Why Her Relationship with Eric Decker Works

“Extra” caught up with Jessie James Decker, 31, at our Levi’s Times Square studio, where she dished on her relationship with former football player Eric Decker, 32.

Jessie called her husband “goofy” as he watched her on the Jumbotron from outside.

Once he came inside the studio, Jessie said, “We just have fun together… we just like each other.”

Eric joked that he was “just being a tourist” in Times Square.

Jessie and Eric have been married for six years, and are raising three kids in Nashville. He’s even bringing the heat in her “Lights Down Low” video.

She teased, “I have a new chapter that’s about to happen with my music… I have new music coming out soon. I’m working on an EP that’ll be dropping soon.”

Jessie recently threw a big party for Eric, who announced his retirement from the NFL last year. He noted, “Jessie has been trying to do it forever. She thought I was gonna come back and play.” Jessie chimed in, “I still think he might.”

Of the party, Eric revealed, “I got kinda emotional because I had people from, like, high school and where I grew up to those who helped me through my process in the NFL.”

Jessie has been promoting her new clothing line Kittenish. Along with noting that Eric is “very much in charge” as the CFO, she said she is inspired by “bringing southern back a little bit” with her line.

She went on to say, “We’ve got pieces with fringe, we’ve got our leopard print, which is our signature print. We’ve got one of our sweaters, actually, has a horse on it with cactus print all over it. Everything is very me.”