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Abby Lee Miller Walks Again! Plus Her Big Health Update

Abby Lee Miller Walks Again! Plus Her Big Health Update
CBS/The Doctors

It was an emotional episode of “The Doctors” today as Abby Lee Miller, 52, walked again for the first time since Burkitt lymphoma left her confined to a wheelchair.

Miller teared up as she attempted to walk for the first time since undergoing knee surgery. She told the audience, “Everybody put your hands together and pray. This is so scary, you have no idea.”

Using a walker, Abby then took a few steps. a huge milestone for the “Dance Moms” star after undergoing multiple emergency spinal surgeries that left her unable to walk.

During the episode, Dr. Lawrence Piro also delivered some big news. After reviewing her new health scans, he said, “It looks like we are still in a complete remission and I think we should celebrate it.” Watch the moment here.

Miller gave him a high- five, but she was upset to hear that the cancer could come back.

She explained, “I’m thrilled, and I know I’m supposed to be overjoyed, but I didn’t know that Burkitt lymphoma could even come back… I thought Burkitt lymphoma, I thought once we killed it, it was done. Maybe I was just lying to myself and not wanting to believe that it could ever come back.”

Piro told her, “It is a very curable thing, but it does have a relapse rate. The first year is the most important time. We need to survey it very closely.”

Abby insisted, “It’s not coming back because I don’t have time.”

In May, Miller opened up to “Extra” about her cancer battle, which has been detailed on “Dance Moms: Resurrection.”

“It’s such a religious word… but I was close to death’s door. I had 10 minutes, or they were going to lose me.” Abby went through chemo after her surgery, saying, “Burkitt lymphoma grows very quickly… They kill it very quickly, too… What really gets to me — had one of the doctors caught it sooner, I would not have been in a wheelchair. The cancer, the mass, would have not been so strong to choke my spinal cord. That’s what caused the paralysis.”